A venture capital company founded by builders, with a unique ecosystem, backing the best startups from Emerging Europe.

In past 8 years our team

8 companies
22 companies
2 companies
35 international conferences
11,000 entrepreneurs to our events
5000 investors to our events
3000 technical talents at our coworks
1 unique entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Meet our team

Adam Durica
Investment Manager
Dusan Duffek
Managing Partner
Kristina Moncekova
Community Manager
Marek Zamecnik
Technical Partner
Maximilian Navracic
Investment Analyst
Michal Csonga
General Partner
Pavol Fuchs
Investor Relations
Vit Hanus
Portfolio Management

Our founders talk about us

As our first investor, Zero One Hundred has helped us set up an excellent corporate governance framework that still pays dividends to this day. They are definitely not the investor who calls you three times a day to check up on you, yet they are always available when needed, even at 10 PM on a Friday. We also benefited from Zero One Hundred's strategy of building synergies among its investments, even involving portfolio companies during the portfolio expansion process. Zero One Hundred group stands out thanks to its secondary activities, which have proven to be a priceless benefit. Proactive is the keyword here - they don’t wait for us to ask for networking help but instead actively look for network opportunities on our behalf.

Martin Herman

From the very beginning, Zero One Hundred understood our vision, our challenges and helped us to navigate them. Their approach extends far beyond the typical VC-investor relationship. The Zero One Hundred team has helped us in iteration of the company strategy, introduced us to potential investors and opened up new growth opportunities through their extensive platform of conferences, tech festivals and partnerships. If you are looking for an investment partner that will help you out beyond capital, look no further.

Ivan Trancik
CEO & Founder at SuperScale

At 4Trans, we value partners like Zero One Hundred who elevate our vision with their expertise. With Zero One Hundred, we’ve always experienced more than just financial backing; they provide unwavering support, practical insights, and a commitment to holistic business growth. Their belief in combining capital with knowledge aligns with ours. They're more than investors; they're business-savvy partners dedicated to co-creation. No matter the topic or challenge, they are consistently at one's disposal, underlining their commitment to the businesses they invest in. Partnering with  Zero One Hundred has been an opportunity we cherish. For entrepreneurs seeking a steadfast ally for success, I highly recommend Zero One Hundred.

Jaroslav Ton
CEO & Founder at 4Trans

I view Zero One Hundred as the heart of the startup ecosystem in CEE. It gave us a headstart on several business fronts, including talent, PR, leads, and investments. I particularly appreciate the strong connection with the growing CEE entrepreneurial ecosystem and access to international investors, which helped us secure another investment. As quality networking is one of our priorities, this aspect of collaboration with Zero One Hundred is priceless.

Jana Miniarikova

Many VC funds pretend they'll help you, but later down the line, you find out it was nothing but words. It's completely different with Zero One Hundred: their investment definitely isn't "dumb money". Their approach is fair, and they're extraordinarily proactive. Every startup encounters problems and roadblocks, but if you have an investor that supports you and helps you find solutions, it's possibly the most significant value a founder can wish for. And that's what we're getting from Zero One Hundred. I also really appreciate that promises are always kept.

Lukas Vrsecky
CEO & CO-FOUNDER at Patron

I’d say the Zero One Hundred ecosystem gives a startup "superpowers". The portfolio companies can access I’d say the Zero One Hundred ecosystem gives a startup massive network across the EU. For example, Wewell recently exhibited at the Reflect Festival in Cyprus: a big international tech event that belongs to the Zero One Hundred family. We were thrilled by the number of new connections vital to our business that we made. In addition, at least for us, it has significantly decreased the time and effort to network with other startups or potential investors. Honestly, we couldn't ask for more.

Gurami Jobava